It took me by surprise how fast my little baby would change and grow. By the time I was ready to put him in his special newborn outfit I had been saving for the perfect time, it was already too small. 

His cry changed, his face changed, and he grew so fast, and I couldn’t take enough pictures. Fast forward to now, and my newborn baby is now a little boy and I still scroll through his baby pictures almost weekly. 

Pictures of your baby are priceless and believe me, you will take a million but there is something special about also being IN photos with that newborn baby. Snuggling them, nursing them, changing their diaper, remembering that time. 

The process is life changing and it can bring so much joy to look back on the first few weeks and see that you became a damn good parent. You figured it out one phase at a time. You not only survived, you thrived. That’s what I’m here to show you.

Lifestyle newborn sessions start at $450 and include up to two hours of shoot time, an online gallery to share with friends and family, and a print release. 

Milestone collection

The Investment

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Milestone collections include newborn, 4 months, 8 months and 1 year sessions and start at $1400. Each session includes shoot time, an online gallery to share with friends and family, and a print release. 

Of course not! If you have a newborn outfit that you love or that is a family heirloom, by all means get it out! These are your pictures and my recommendations are just a guideline! 

Does my baby have to wear white?

That is totally up to you, but I recommend a white short sleeve onesie. White is classic and timeless. 

What should my baby wear?

Ideally you will feed the baby 15 minutes before the start of our session so they are full and sleepy by the time the session begins. If your baby is cluster feeding, or hungry, by all means we can take a break for a feed.

Can I feed my baby during the session?

Asleep. Which is why I recommend trying to keep your baby awake for at least 45 minutes before our session to make sure they are nice and sleepy when we begin.

Does my baby need to be awake or asleep for pictures?

A few things i've learned to make your session go smoothly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical session usually look like?

I usually arrive 15 minutes early to assess the lighting in your house and decide on the best location for your photos. We will start with your baby sleepy, in a white onesie and wrapped in a swaddle.

We will start with full family photos, then move to dad and baby, siblings and baby (if applicable) mom and baby, and then details of the baby, swaddled and unswaddled at the end.

I don’t have a white onesie, do you have one we can use?

Yes! I have white onesies and a variety of swaddles that can be used during newborn sessions. All fabrics are washed and sanitized in between sessions. 

Will I be in any pictures?

Yes. I specialize in lifestyle newborn sessions, meaning I like to capture every aspect of your baby’s first week, from nursery details, to photos with mom and dad. Trust me, you are going to want these photos.

What should I wear?

I recommend wearing something comfortable and solid. A lot of my moms wear full length comfy dresses and dads wear jeans and a solid t-shirt. But ultimately what you wear is totally up to you.

Where will we take pictures?

Lighting is my top priority so it depends on where the light is in your house during our session. However, I know nurseries can be a special place, so I will have artificial lighting if needed to get photos there if requested. 

Any other tips and tricks to keeping baby happy?

A sleepy and full baby is usually happiest, but I have found babies love to be warm so if you can bump up your thermostat a bit before our session, or have a space heater that can go a long way. They also love white noise so if you have a portable sound machine we can set that up too. 

I never considered newborn photography until I had a baby of my own. I quickly realized I wanted the pictures of me holding, loving and taking care of my little baby boy. Before, I was scared to do anything more than hold a baby and had no idea what a swaddle was.

Like every other mom, I learned very quickly how to shush a baby to sleep and wrap them tight in a swaddle. I loved photographing my son and thought I could selflessly serve my clients who were in the same season as me. Motherhood has been one of my favorite seasons and I love documenting it for other moms. 

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER TURNED newborn photographer of sentimental mamas

Meet Sidney

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Working with Sidney was a delight! Our photos are beautiful and exactly what we asked for. We could not have enjoyed this process more and completely loved both sessions with her. We can’t wait to have her document more moments in Ellison’s life and can't thank her enough.

“We could not have enjoyed this process more.”

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