October 3, 2019

Sarvin and Justin | Wormsloe Plantation Engagement Session | Sidney Middlebrooks Photography

After booking your wedding, planning your engagement session is first on the list. In my bridal guide, I encourage my couples to make their engagement sessions something special. Pick a location that has meaning, or somewhere you’ve ALWAYS wanted to have pictures taken.

I’ve done engagement sessions at waterfalls, farms, family properties, the list goes on and on! So I was THRILLED when Sarvin suggested going to Savannah for her engagement session. She had always wanted to go and pictured her engagement pictures there and after working on this entire session I can’t blame her!

The mountains will always have my vacation heart but with Spanish moss and sprawling oaks, the coast may have my photography heart. I LOVE this session and couldn’t wait to share a few of the images with you!

You may remember the last session I did at Wormsloe Historic Site a few years ago with Kasey and John. The place is stunning and one of the most beautiful locations in Georgia in my opinion. The oak-lined avenue is the perfect backdrop of 2 people in love and you could spend HOURS there with all of the locations.

For engagement sessions, I usually recommend having two outfits – one is typically more casual and one of a little dressier – depending on your personality and fiance! My biggest piece of advice with engagement sessions is to make them your own! If your fiance never wears formal attire or hates suits, your engagement session may not be the time to force him into that! It’s so much better if you’re both having FUN and feel like yourself.

With that being said, I know from following Sarvin on Instagram that she LOVES to get dressed up and always looks amazing which is why I was not surprised when she pulled the most beautiful dress out of her car. Justin complimented her perfectly and the two were a dream to photograph along the avenue. When in Savannah you CAN’T NOT take photos downtown. With all of the historic homes, MORE sprawling oaks and countless nooks to cuddle up we had to go to Forsyth Park. We actually started the session there right after sunrise which is when you have to go to avoid all the tourists and runners.

We did get up early, but let me tell you, it is worth it when you get to see the sunrise in the park and hear the city starting for the day! Like I said before, you HAVE to make your engagement session your own – so if you have pups, bring the pups! I loved getting to photograph precious Theo, he was the BEST model and looked so handsome in his bow tie! I don’t think I could pick a favorite from their session if I tried, although the wide shots of the trees and fountain are the top contenders. I LOVE each of my engagement sessions, but I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty fun visiting another city and getting to mix it up a little bit. I don’t think we will be moving to Savannah anytime soon, but if you’re looking for a great engagement session spot I’m always up for a little travel!

Thanks for reading along! If you liked any of these images be sure to share the post and let me know which one is YOUR favorite!

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