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December 31, 2018

2018 – A Year In Review | Tennessee Wedding Photographer

2018 was so many things for me. In terms of my photography career is was fulfilling, so fun, and joyful. I had the honor of serving 12 amazing couples who loved one another so fully that it was hard to even call what I did work.

They planned beautiful weddings with details that represented them well. They ENJOYED their wedding days and had fun with their family and friends. They kissed and danced and laughed and it was altogether wonderful.

I wanted to do Best Of 2018 post to showcase my beautiful couples and their wedding day. They were perfect in every way and I am so happy to share them with you! I absolutely LOVE all of my couples and even with all the pictures below I am leaving out 100 other favorites! Follow me through one of my “work” days starting with the details.

Photographing details is one of my favorite parts of the day. My couples spend so much time deciding on the perfect details from the flowers to the dress to the rings and each part makes their wedding unique. Anything that you spend time and/or money on needs to be documented. It’s important and it helps tell the story of the best day ever.

Getting Ready
From mimosas to watching the game. Hanging out with your friends on your big day is one of the best parts of your wedding day. This time should be full of laughs, pampering and relaxation.

Bridal Party
I believe you should be surrounded by the people you love most on your wedding day. Your best friends add so much to your wedding day and hanging out with them is so much fun for me. I love that they cheer when they see you together and give you a hard time when you kiss – but deep down they are SO pumped to be standing next to you.


Yall, my brides are rock stars. All of them are stunning and beautiful but more than that they are full of joy. They are relaxed and happy. That’s the real test of a true SMP Bride. They care about the details but are not going to let anything get them down on their wedding day. Think opposite of bridezillas. Connecting with each beautful woman I have the blessing of photographing is what makes my job so rewarding. They are SO kind and have such SWEET hearts.

My grooms are not much different. I don’t think I’ve left a wedding without my grooms making sure they told me thank you and giving me a hug. I know for most guys pictures are not their idea of a good time, but all of my grooms embrace the day of pictures for their brides. Because it’s important to them. They serve their wives well on their wedding days and usually end up having fun too. So shout out to all the guys who were amazing this year.

First Look
We all know I’m a sucker for first looks. Not only does it give couples time together before the rush of the day it also slows down the day and makes everything a little more relaxed. Not all of my brides wanted to do a first look this year which it TOTALLY fine but I thought some of these moments were too sweet not to share.

Bride and Groom
Yall, this is the BREAD AND BUTTER of what I do. This is my favorite part of the day and I LOVE all of my couples who trust me and embrace the awkward and laugh and smile and kiss and make my job so easy! These are some of my favorite images of the year!

The ceremony is one of the sweetest parts of a wedding day. This is where the tears start flowing and the smiles get just a little bigger. Vows are read, songs are sung and by the end, you are husband and wife.
Give me all the dancing, all the fun, and all the cake. I love watching my couples dance the night away!

If you made it this far, thank you for joining me and supporting me along my journey. 2018 was amazing but I have no doubt that I will get to continue to serve precious couples on their wedding day! To my 2018 brides, I love you and thank you for choosing me. I hope you are able to cherish your wedding pictures for a lifetime. I PRAY that I serve amazing women like you year after year!

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