October 20, 2018

Crystal | Lifestyle Session in Macon, Georgia | Sidney Middlebrooks Photography

Sarah and Justin Futo - Lifestlyle session

Sarah and Justin are some of our closest friends in Macon and it has been such a treasure to share our lives with them over the past few years. We have been on trips, tried new restaurants, celebrated their pregnancy, and mourned when they found out their dog, Crystal had cancer.

We have grown to love Crystal! Her and Bailey have been on dinner dates and spend the night adventures over the past few years, and I have to believe they are friends. Crystal is the chill senior, while Bailey is the over adventurous freshman, always getting a little too excited when the peanut butter comes out.

Crystal lets Bailey destroy her toys, sleep on her bed and run around her house – never missing a beat.

When Sarah found out Crystal had cancer she wanted to do a session that documented their family and how it had been the past few years with just the 3 of them. Watching TV, hanging out on the deck and snuggling in the bed. I love lifestyle sessions and know Sarah and Justin will cherish these pictures of their young family as it grows and changes.

Sarah and Justin are also expecting their first child in November, so we snuck in a few bump pictures at the end of the session!

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